What is The Code?

The Tomorrow’s Engineers Code is a commitment to work toward common goals, to increase the number and diversity of young people entering engineering and technology careers.

Whether you've only recently started outreach activities to inspire engineering and tech futures, or have years of experience and want to improve your impact, join the Code community.

How do we achieve this?

To achieve these goals, Signatories make 4 pledges about their approach to funding, designing, delivering, and learning from engineering and technology-inspiration outreach activities or programmes and commit to working collaboratively through Code Connect.

Signatories from The Code include small and large businesses, engineering firms, professional institutions, government departments, subject associations, universities, museums, third sector organisations and more.

Any organisation with UK operations that funds, designs and/or delivers engineering/technology outreach activities, or intends to, is invited to become a Signatory and it’s free to join. Any organisation not meeting these criteria, but supporting the aims of The Code, can join as a Supporter. 

Find out the impact Signatories reported The Code has had on their outreach activities. 

By working together we can improve the quality, inclusivity, targeting and reach of activities designed to inspire young people. 

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Why do we need The Code?

The engineering workforce could, and should, be much more diverse. Did you know:

Careers in engineering and technology are varied, stimulating and valuable. We need to work harder than ever to ensure that engineering and technology are accessible for this generation of young people, for their own life chances as well as for a diverse and insightful workforce that enables the UK to thrive.  

Many organisations are already doing important work but together, via The Code, we can deliver a joined-up approach to drive change at scale. 

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Why you should join The Code?

By joining The Code you'll become part of our community of over 300 organisations, working together to inspire more and more diverse young people into engineering and technology careers.

As a member of The Code you'll get:

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