Neon brings together the UK’s best engineering and tech experiences and inspiring careers resources to help primary and secondary teachers bring the STEM curriculum to life for their students.   

Code Signatories can engage with more schools and meet the Inspiring Connection pledge by promoting their activities on Neon, all free of charge. 


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Why Neon?

Neon is a trusted platform for teachers, used in 55% of all UK secondary schools  

  • To ensure that STEM teachers and their students enjoy the very best engineering experiences, all activities featured on Neon are assessed against a quality standard that looks at learning outcomes, evaluation model, inclusivity considerations, portrayal of engineering, and careers content. 
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More than 3000 registered teachers  

  • Neon is free for teachers to register, and they can opt-in to receive weekly updates on the latest activities 

A free shop window with a unique, customisable reach   

  • Join more than 80 UK engineering outreach providers who promote their experiences on Neon, reaching a new and more diverse audience, targeting location and demographics as required. 
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Select your target audience 

  • Neon connects schools to experiences in their local area, ensuring that teachers can find experiences that are right for their students
  • As a contributor you can say where your experience is available and which schools can see it. This can range from a specific postcode to a town, local authority, region or the whole of the UK  
  • You can also choose to target your experience exclusively at schools with the highest proportion of young people from groups who are underrepresented in the engineering profession - helping you meet the driving inclusion pledge


Submit your experience 

To feature your experience on Neon, complete the online application form.

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