About the pledges

The Tomorrow's Engineers Code was created to support organisations both big and small, including SMEs, corporates, engineering institutions and more. It is shaped around the 4 pledges.

The Code’s pledges are designed to drive a set of values and behaviours. How organisations deliver against these pledges is flexible so Signatories can tailor their ambitions relevant to their strengths and challenges.

Join The Code and commit to work towards common goals to increase the diversity and number of young people entering engineering careers.

The pledges

Inspiring connection

Ensure programmes contribute to a sustained and rich STEM journey for all young people.

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Driving inclusion

Ensure all young people have opportunities to engage in activities that inspire engineering and technology futures, and that no one is left behind.

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Showcasing engineering

Promote a positive, compelling and authentic view of engineering, showcasing the breadth of opportunities.

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Improving impact

Improve monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities to develop a shared understanding of what works.

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Resources that can help you with the pledges

NUSTEM at Northumbria University prepared a guide to implementing the 4 pledges

Case study about how SSE addressed the 4 pledges in their engineering engagement

Case study about how Aldermans Tooling addressed the 4 pledges in their engineering engagement

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