Becoming a Signatory

Joining The Code as a Signatory means you have made a commitment to work with others, to understand what works and inspire more and more diverse young people into engineering and technology.

Benefits to joining

When joining The Code you'll get access to resources to help you start delivering engineering and tech outreach to young people, or to improve your existing approach and programmes. This includes:

What we'll ask of you

It's free to be part of the Code Community, but we ask Signatories to:




Supporters will be asked to:

What next

If you’re ready to sign you’ll need to have this information ready:

  1. A person who will be ultimately responsible for The Code in your organisation and who will officially 'sign' The Code
  2. And another person who will be the day to day contact and responsible for embedding the pledges in your organisation

NB this can be the same person.

To help you 'pitch' The Code to colleagues, we've created the following resources for you:

You can also get stuck in and make contact with other Signatories you might already know via Our Community or our LinkedIn page and if you have any questions email us at [email protected].

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