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The virtual launch of the Tomorrow's Engineers Code is available to watch again here.

Inspiring connection

Ensure programmes contribute to a sustained and rich STEM journey for all young people.

Why this pledge matters:

It’s well known that the more STEM-related influences and experiences a young person can gather, the more likely they are to feel comfortable with science and engineering and see them as useful and important, for themselves and society. There is a huge opportunity to maximise impact by working together to provide a sustained STEM journey for young people from early years upwards.

The ambition of the pledge:

See all children and young people experience a rich variety of connected engineering experiences.

To meet this pledge you need to be able to:

Articulate your activities’ purpose and intended audience, understand how your activity relate to others to create a rich and varied STEM journey and signpost to other inspiration activities to extend the experience for young people

Ways you could meet the pledge:

  • Make sure others know what you’re doing by adding your activities to platforms such as Neon and Skills Development Scotland’s Marketplace.
  • Have a good understanding of what others are doing before launching new programmes or updating existing activities to add value and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Only fund an activity if, to the best of your understanding, it delivers an impact to your identified audience.
  • Consider funding an existing activity through a partnership with another Code Signatory.
  • Signpost young people and/or teachers to other complementary activities provided either by your organisation or others.

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