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The virtual launch of the Tomorrow's Engineers Code is available to watch again here.

Getting started

If you're inspired by The Code’s mission to inspire a more diverse engineering workforce and you’d like your organisation to become part of the Code Community, take a look below for some suggestions on how to get started.

This section of the site will be growing along with the Code Community so please come back to visit and find out what new support is available.


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Collaborating with The Code Community

In March 2021, over 40 different organisations from The Code Community came together at two workshops, generating ideas about how The Code could facilitate effective collaboration and what The Code should tackle as a priority. Signatories were asked to vote on the different ideas, thinking about what they would like to see from The Code in the immediate future, as well as aspirations for the long term. This was then reviewed by the Thinking Group and Advisory Board to create a plan of work.

The Code Team have already started work on some of the higher priority ideas including:

  • Developing and delivering a series of online workshop events for Code Signatories covering topics including The Gatsby Benchmarks, COP26: Engineering Engagements and applying an impact framework to outreach activities.
  • Launching and growing the Tomorrow's Engineers website which provides guidance and resources for anyone who delivers or funds engineering engagement activities.
  • Exploring the data generated by Neon to understand the scope, scale and location of activities/experiences on Neon, any areas of the Quality Standards that the community are struggling with, gaps in experience topic/location areas and EDI criteria used to target. This analysis will be available as a report to the Code Community autumn 2021.
  • Working with DfE and CEC to draw together any specific data sets that may be of use to Signatories to help them target their activities to where they can have the biggest impact. This should be available to The Code Community in autumn 2021.

 A full report from the collaboration workshops will be shared with Code Signatories and Supporters. If you would like to hear more, you can sign up to be a Signatory or Supporter of The Code here.

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Tomorrow’s Engineers

Want to get the most from your engineering engagement activity? With resources drawn from across the STEM community, Tomorrow’s Engineers is a hub that provides guidance and information to help you do just that.

Visit the Tomorrows Engineers website


Ready to join our community?

Becoming a Signatory of The Code is free. All we ask is that your organisation makes four pledges about its approach to funding, designing, delivering, and learning from engineering-inspiration activities. If you’re ready to sign you’ll need to identify a person in your organisation who is responsible for your organisation meeting the pledges and a person who is accountable for meeting the pledges and ultimately signs The Code for your organisation.

Are you in? Sign up here.

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Securing support within your organisation

You may need to discuss becoming a Signatory with other members of your organisation. Use the downloads and links below to help facilitate this conversation:
  • Want to find out more about the benefits of becoming a Signatory? Download this PDF which contains a helpful summary of The Code and the benefits to your organisation of joining the Code Community
  • Explore the different pledge areas with your colleagues by downloading this PDF and understand how your organisation can start working towards embedding them within the design, delivery or funding of engineering-inspiration activity
  • Get stuck in and make contact with other Signatories you might already know via our LinkedIn page 
  • Any questions? Email us at

Become a Signatory – sign up now

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