Code Connect

If you're signed up as a Signatory or Supporter you get access to Code Connect. Connect and you'll find detailed information about the engineering and technology outreach activities other Signatories deliver.

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As a Signatory or Supporter of The Code you can use Code Connect to search, find and link up with others in the community.

You'll be able to filter the list of Signatories and Supporters to see others who you might want to connect with based on their sector, size of organisation, which education levels they work with, types of activities they fund/deliver and/or where their activities are delivered.

Each Signatory or Supporter also has a profile card which will show you how long they have been delivering or funding outreach activities for and whether they have experiences on Neon or resources on Tomorrow's Engineers.

Another benefit of joining Code Connect is that you can use 'Request to connect' button to enable The Code team to put you in touch with the Signatories or Supporters of your choice.